Biography of Junior Rios "JR" Manuel

To JR the sky is God’s ever-changing canvas and every moment he seizes, JR captures God’s artistry.  “Once that moment is gone, it’s gone forever; and no one will ever have that same image”. As the son of the late Ignacio B. and Rosario Rios Manuel, he is a progeny of mixed cultures living on a beautiful island that shares a diverse heritage. In 1984, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a Yeoman and proudly served our Country until 1997 when he returned home. His first job as a civilian was with Continental Micronesia as the Graphics Specialist. Soon after, JR developed a passion for the Art while working for an ad agency photographing Guam’s scenic beauty.  “My first professional camera was the Konica-Minolta Maxxum 7D. I swear that camera was built just for me.  It is my nature camera and it goes with me almost everywhere.” Currently, JR has switched to Canon and now uses the Canon 5D mk2.

JR served as Governor Felix P. Camacho’s graphic artist and official photographer. Taking advantage of Adelup’s locale, JR is often seen roaming the complex to capture Guam’s breathtaking sunrises, sunsets, and everything else dealing with nature. The artistic perspective he freezes in time adorn a number of publications, news stories, including the recently acclaimed “Portraits of Guam U.S.A.” book. “I consider myself more of an artist with a tool, and not just a photographer with a camera.  I guess that makes me an ‘artographer’.  God has gifted me with the talent to capture nature in a special way.  So I want to share it with the world and inspire those that come from humble beginnings like myself.” 

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